This Easter, Covent Garden Martini bar and restaurant Christopher’s has cracked it with a spectacular triple chocolate egg sharing dessert; that requires a little magic to find what’s inside. 

The theatrical melting ‘Triple Chocolate Eggs’ dessert with surprises within; plus a brunch special ‘Hot Cross French Toast’ and a cocktail drunk out an Easter Egg called ‘Easter Bunny’s Ruin’.

Christopher’s ‘Triple Chocolate Eggs’ dessert, a special on the à la carte dessert menu, arrives as three chocolate eggs on a plate, designed to be devoured in stages and this video shows you how.

Christopher’s Triple Chocolate Eggs

Egg 1: The Dark Chocolate Egg

Pour hot chocolate sauce over the first egg to reveal what’s within.

The dark chocolate egg will melt away to uncover Christopher’s famous fudge brownie; with pistachio ice cream and popping candy.


Egg 2: The Golden Egg

Next, thwack a golden egg to break into a vanilla and dark chocolate cheesecake inside


Egg 3: The Small White Chocolate Egg

The ultimate version of a crème egg: that’s a white choc crème brûlée egg.


Christopher’s is in 18 Wellington Street, WC2E 7DD.


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