Poached, fried, scrambled or boiled – there are many ways to eat an egg.

Whether laid by a hen, duck or quail, the humble egg has been a breakfast staple for generations. 

The classic boiled egg and soldiers was a teatime favourite for many of us as kids, and today foodies are reinventing the traditional British dish by making soldiers out of everything from pizza to sausages.


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But have you ever thought about what the way you eat your boiled eggs says about you?

A human behaviour expert (or eggspert, you might say) has now answered your burning question by revealing the different personality types associated with different boiled egg-eating styles.

Dr Jane Cox believes the four main ways of eating boiled eggs have clear indications as to what type of person you are.

“The way that we eat is an expression of our individualism and can reveal a lot about our personalities, Dr Cox explained.

“Your reliability, adventurousness, sensitivity or hunger for life may be seen in the way that you scoop, tip, or dip your way through the yolk,” she said.

“Perhaps you’re a dipper – easy going and stable – or a scooper, someone who doesn’t like to waste a moment of time. A tipper reveals you have a dreamy gentle personality, and a smasher, unsurprisingly just gets stuck into life and enjoys every day.”

So which one are you?

()Dippy egg and soldiers

The classic combo is the preferred way of eating eggs for 41 per cent of Brits: soft-boiled in an egg cup, with soldiers of toast to dip, a recent study by The Happy Egg Co found.

And according to Dr Cox, “This way of egg-eating shows stability and convention. Most people learn to eat boiled eggs this way and some never feel the need to change tradition.”

With a teaspoon

The second most popular way of eating boiled eggs (the chosen method for a fifth of people) is again from an egg cup, but this time with a teaspoon.

“This is a no nonsense approach to eggs that’s bound to be reflected in other parts of their lives,” says Dr Cox. “No accompaniments, no stopping to savour – just doing what needs to be done.”

Upside down

Almost a quarter of Brits prefer to eat soft boiled eggs from the wide, bottom side as opposed to the traditional pointy, narrow end. 

Dr Cox says: “Those who turn their egg on its head probably approach lots of things in their lives differently. They’re likely to reject what doesn’t work for them and seek more of what they enjoy.”

On toast

Rather than dipping the toast into the egg, a fifth of people prefer shelling their boiled eggs and eating them smashed on top of toast. 

“A degree of practicality features within those who shell their eggs,” explains Dr Cox. “They also have a lovely sense of humour.”

So how do you like your eggs in the morning?


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